What Does Toy Insurance Cover?

Even some grown-ups love toys! They’re cute and fun, and they have that nostalgia factor. Some toys have that "Gotta catch ’em all" factor. Some toys are worth quite a bit of money. For example, the original 1959 Barbie doll in mint condition can net $27,450. Some antique toys may fetch even higher prices. And then there are the vehicles that don’t quite count as road vehicles, such as golf carts, ATVs, and watercraft. They’re classified as toys, albeit expensive ones. Not to mention dangerous in certain conditions. They can all be insured. 

What Will Be Covered with Toy Insurance?

Comprehensive toy insurance coverage is much like any other comprehensive insurance. It can help you recoup losses due to fire, theft, flood, and other disasters. For your drivable toys, it works much like conventional automobile insurance. Liability, collision, comprehensive, and underinsured/uninsured drivers are all covered. The insurance will cover medical expenses and other damages if you get into an accident with such a vehicle. Anything bad that can happen with a toy can be covered. 

Insurance for snowmobiles, 4x4s, and the like is not a legal requirement like automobile insurance, but it is an excellent idea. Insuring anything you put a lot of money into is always highly recommended. Toy insurance gives you peace of mind.  

Toy Insurance Options from The Select Insurance Agency serving Coppell, TX 

If you are in the Coppell, TX area and want to get your toys insured, contact The Select Insurance Agency. Our exemplary customer service speaks for itself. You can count on us to ensure you get the best deal and are treated promptly and courteously. Contact us at your earliest convenience. 

Tips to Lower your Electric Bill During Hot Summer Months

When the summer heat arrives and your family cranks the AC to stay cool, your next electric bill will likely be higher to reflect the additional electrical usage. However, according to the Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX insurance professionals, there are several ways to help keep your home cool without increasing your monthly utility bill.

In addition to keeping up with HVAC recommended maintenance (a well-maintained machine runs optimally), having the HVAC serviced, and replacing filters routinely, these are the other potential ways to lower your electric bill when the summer heat hits.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

This can automatically adjust your home’s temperature based on your family’s schedule. Even a few degrees warmer can significantly affect your energy consumption.

Employ Fans

Both portable and ceiling fans help circulate air, which allows you to feel cooler.

Keep Curtains & Blinds Closed During Peak Sunlight Hours

Blocking the sunlight can help keep the house cooler.

Seal Air Leaks

A proper seal prevents cooled air from escaping and hot air from entering the home.  

Cook Wisely-Grill Outdoors

Use a microwave, slow cooker, or grill outside to keep your home cooler.

Use a Dehumidifier

Lower humidity helps to make higher temperatures more comfortable.

Plant Shade Trees

When possible, strategically plant shade trees or shrubs that offer natural shade.  

Avoid Activities That Generate Heat

Minimize activities that generate heat during the midday sun. For example, run the washing machine or dishwasher after the sun goes down.  

Contact a Leading Insurance Company in Texas

Implementing these energy-saving practices can significantly reduce your home electric bill. For more information, contact the Select Insurance agency at 972-315-7299 or online.

Four of the best things about auto insurance

There are plenty of great benefits and features to love regarding auto insurance. At The Select Insurance Agency, we can provide motorists in Coppell, TX with auto insurance that offers many features they love.

Here are four of the best things about auto insurance:

Auto insurance gives you more confidence behind the wheel.

Driving can be stressful. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Without insurance coverage, you would face all kinds of risks as a driver. When carrying a high-quality auto insurance policy, you can drive with more peace of mind and have confidence when you take to the roads. 

Auto insurance can prevent catastrophic financial loss.

A bad accident could potentially financially devastate a driver. With auto insurance coverage, automobile accidents have less significant financial consequences. Carrying auto insurance makes you far less likely to face severe financial hardship after an accident. 

Auto insurance includes a lot of options.

Consumers can customize their auto insurance policies. When you buy your auto insurance policy, decide exactly what types of coverage you want and don’t want. 

Auto insurance often covers medical expenses. 

Consumers generally associate auto insurance policies with coverage for vehicle damage. However, consumers should also realize that auto insurance policies often cover the medical expenses that result from accident injuries.

Thanks to auto insurance coverage, it’s good to know that medical costs will be covered if you get into an accident. 

You’ll enjoy these features when you insure your vehicle in Coppell, TX. Ready to find an excellent policy? Call us at The Select Insurance Agency. We’re here to meet your insurance needs! 

Five Things to Know About Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance can provide for your family financially if you pass away unexpectedly. At The Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX, we offer term life insurance to give you and your family peace of mind. 

1. Term Life Insurance Lasts for 10 to 30 Years

A term life insurance policy lasts for a set period or term. Most policies last 20 years, but you can choose any 10 to 30 years term. If you pass away during this term, the policy will pay your family the death benefit. 

2. Death Benefit is Consistent Across the Term 

Term life insurance gives you a guaranteed death benefit. This benefit begins when the policy is active and remains the same as long as you have the policy. 

This makes selecting the right amount of coverage easy based on your family’s income and needs. 

3. Your Premiums Stay the Same 

Most term policies have a level premium. This means that your premium will stay the same. You don’t have to worry about your premiums rising as the years go by. 

4. There’s No Cash Value

A term policy doesn’t include a cash value component like whole-life policies do. However, term policies do have lower premiums than whole-life policies. 

5. After the Term, Your Policy Ends

If you outlive your policy, your life insurance ends at the end of the term. You may choose to renew the policy or choose a different life insurance policy if you still need life insurance.

However, premiums usually go up as you age, so you’ll likely pay more for the same amount of coverage. 

Term Life Insurance at The Select Insurance Agency

If you need life insurance in Coppell, TX, contact us at The Select Insurance Agency. We offer term and whole-life policies so that you can select the best policy for you and your family. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Having plenty of liability insurance is an important part of your financial protection. Without it, you could pay massive amounts you’re liable for. One way to get more liability coverage is to get umbrella insurance. This is a great way to add to some insurance policies that you already have so that you’re covered better. Call us at The Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX if you’re considering getting an umbrella insurance policy.

Boosting Other Insurance Policies

Many people have both home insurance and auto insurance. Both of these insurance types are extremely important. However, they might not cover you as well as you could. These policies often lack liability coverage, especially considering medical bills soaring. If you have both these policies, you can add liability to both at once by getting an umbrella policy. This adds an extra amount of liability coverage to both of those coverages. This makes you much better able to pay for a severe accident with many injuries. 

Paying Overages

When you have home, auto, and umbrella insurance, you’re well protected against expensive accidents. If someone falls in your home or gets injured in a car wreck that you’re responsible for, your home or auto policy will pay for the medical bills and other expenses that become due. However, those policies can only pay as much as their maximum coverage. When your accident is expensive, and the bills go above that amount, you’re left with an overage to pay. That’s why you need umbrella insurance. It pays for those overages to keep you financially protected. 

Get Your Umbrella Insurance

If you could benefit from an umbrella policy, call us at The Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX.

Cyber Insurance and the Importance of This Protection in 2023

Cyber insurance is an area of focus for many companies across the United States and the world. The reason for this focus is due to the risk never being so high in this particular space. Cyber risk exists everywhere, and we must be ready when threats emerge. Whether you are in Coppell, TX, or abroad, cyber insurance is a real need that adds value. At The Select Insurance Agency, we can answer all questions you may have.

Who Needs Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is excellent for any company that handles or stores customer data. Even if you have proprietary information about your business stored on a network of any kind, it is also valuable.  

The Coverage it Provides

There are multiple levels of coverage that you get with a standard cyber insurance policy. The first is that it will help with the cost of notification to customers when there is a data breach. A big cost is associated with this, and cyber insurance covers how much you need to put out up to your policy limit.

Legal defense is another factor you need to take into account. Usually, with a cyber breach, legal costs roll in with mitigation and potential lawsuits. Finally, liability insurance can assist in the cyber insurance space. If you are liable for loss of customer data, you may face penalties and need to pay out to customers for the cost.

DFW companies must take cyber insurance seriously and know what it covers and who needs it. The Select Insurance Agency team can help provide education on cyber insurance and where it makes sense for your organization.

Understanding the Basics of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you have a business in the Coppell, TX area, The Select Insurance Agency can help you get the workers’ compensation insurance coverage you need. Many companies are required to have this coverage to protect their employees, and you don’t want to be caught without it when you need the protection it offers. Working with trusted agents can help you see what coverage is required.

Depending on the business, you may need to cover all your employees, or you may not have to provide this type of coverage for them. The most important thing is to ensure you’re not excluding employees who are legally entitled to this protection. You also want to ensure that your policy meets your industry’s guidelines and follows the proper rules and regulations.

Understanding workers’ comp and what it offers isn’t always easy, especially if you’re starting a new business or have taken over an existing one. Fortunately, our professional agents are here to help. We’ll discuss the coverage you need, whether you already have an existing policy, and any changes you might want to make. Then you and your workers can have peace of mind, knowing that on-the-job injuries will have coverage and protection.

The Select Insurance Agency is here if you’re in the Coppell, TX area and looking for an agent to help you with your workers’ compensation insurance needs. Reach out to us today, and let’s talk about the coverage requirements for your business. Then you can make informed choices about workers’ comp and feel comfortable with the policy you have to protect your workers in the event of injury and keep your company covered for the future.

Why Toy Insurance is Becoming so Popular

When considering insurance policies, you might first think of auto or homeowner’s insurance. Health and life insurance policies are also very common. How about toy insurance? There’s a fair chance that that policy isn’t as familiar, but these insurance plans are becoming quite popular. Let’s take a look at why toy insurance policies are becoming so popular.

Want to explore specific collectible and toy insurance policies in Coppell, TX? Contact The Select Insurance Agency; our agents would gladly help.

Toys are no Longer “Just” Playthings.

Perhaps most importantly, toys are no longer simply playthings. Of course, many kids play with toys day in and day out. That said, these everyday toys often aren’t the toys people are taking insurance policies out on. Instead, folks usually take out toy insurance policies on collectibles.

The details can be rather complex, but some toys become very valuable owing to high demand and extremely limited supply. For example, a mint-condition 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card sold for over $12 million in 2022. Why? This card popularized the general design of modern trading cards, and Mickey Mantle was a very popular player, resulting in high demand.

Meanwhile, very few 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards were ever produced. Of those few that were, many have been destroyed or damaged. This means supply is very limited; ultimately, high demand and low supply usually mean high prices.

Collectibles can make for great investments. The toy you buy now for $50 might be worth $500,000 in forty years. When it comes to valuables, it’s essential to ensure that they are adequately insured. Often, general homeowner’s insurance won’t cover collectibles or may set a low liability limit.

Interested in collectible and toy insurance policies in Coppell, TX? Visit The Select Insurance Agency.

Natural Disasters and RV Insurance: What You Have to Know

Whether you’re buying an RV or are looking to update your existing policy, there are no doubt countless considerations on your mind. One thing you have to pay special attention to when living in the Coppell, TX area is how a natural disaster might affect your RV.

We live in a unique area where it’s no longer uncommon to see ice storms, hail, and tornados in a short amount of time. When dealing with damage to your home and other property, the last thing you want is to learn that your RV insurance policy doesn’t cover storm-related damage.

At The Select Insurance Agency, we want to give you the information you need to make the right choice when buying RV insurance.

Why Comprehensive Coverage Matters

Like car and motorcycle insurance, you can purchase comprehensive coverage for your RV. Generally speaking, a comprehensive policy will cover most natural disasters and other events deemed out of your hands.

For example, say a major storm cell came through the area where your RV is parked and caused a tree to fall on it. A comprehensive policy can step in to cover the repairs or replacement of the RV itself. If you spend a significant amount of time in your RV and are known to store a lot of personal belongings inside, you may want to add personal effects replacement coverage to your policy as well. It’s best to speak to a Coppell, TX insurance agent to learn more about what types of coverage are suitable for you.

Need to Protect Your RV? Contact The Select Insurance Agency Today!

Disasters are unpredictable by nature. However, you can spend more time enjoying your RV and less time fretting over the right insurance coverage with help from our team at The Select Insurance Agency. Contact us today to learn more.

The Benefits of Using a Local Auto Insurance Provider

When you choose a local insurance agency, representatives can take you through a wide range of options, including those proven effective for Dallas and Denton County drivers. At The Select Insurance Agency, our representatives live and work in Coppell, TX, and understand the types of coverage typically needed in the area. We also understand the state and local laws that impact drivers.

Meet With Us Face to Face

Sometimes, making an appointment to discuss your auto insurance needs makes more sense. You can’t do that with a company with no local focus. We welcome you and other clients and encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss your insurance needs.

Do you have complex auto insurance needs involving teen drivers, multiple vehicles, and other factors? Our agents can sit down with you and help you determine the best coverage for your needs.

Gain a Lifelong Consultant

Our local insurance agents will assist you for many years to come. When you want to review your auto insurance policy and determine whether it’s time to make changes, isn’t it better to deal with someone who already knows your history?

Whether you buy a new car, get a second vehicle, or want to decrease coverage on an older vehicle, we can give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

Talk to a Licensed Professional

Licensed professionals who know the local market serve as practical guides when it comes to tailoring your vehicle insurance. The Select Insurance Agency has the training and experience to guide you to find great auto insurance.

Find a Quality Local Insurance Agent in Coppell, TX

You now understand the benefits of going local when choosing an auto insurance agent. Contact Select Insurance Agency today to make an appointment to review your existing coverage.