3 Terms to Know About Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a useful resource to have even if you only go to the dentist for your annual cleanings. Dental insurance has a lot to offer, helping you avoid paying out of pocket for dental work you absolutely need.

The Select Insurance Agency understands that dental insurance can be a difficult topic to discuss if you aren’t familiar with all the lingo. These are the words every Coppell, TX resident needs to know related to dental insurance.


The co-pay is the amount of money you are responsible for paying at the time of service. For example, your insurance policy might have a $20 co-pay for dental cleanings. You will pay the co-pay at the time of your appointment, and then the dentist will bill your insurance company.


As you browse insurance options, you will notice that some dentists are considered in-network while others are out-of-network. Usually, insurance provides more coverage for in-network providers. In some cases, out-of-network providers will get coverage at all. You should use this information to determine which dental providers you want to see.

Waiting Period

Unlike health insurance policies, dental insurance policies may have required waiting periods for specific types of coverage. For example, you may need to wait six months between buying insurance and getting fillings for your teeth. It is important that you read your insurance documents to familiarize yourself with the details.

Get Dental Insurance Information

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