If my house is damaged by a natural disaster, will my homeowner’s insurance cover my house?

Damage to your home can come from many sources, including a natural disaster. Depending on the type of disaster and your homeowner’s policy, the solutions that may be available for your house in Texas can vary.

Type of Disaster

The type of natural disaster that strikes your home may make a difference on your coverage. Some insurers will offer coverage for certain disasters, like tornados, but other situations may not be covered.

In most cases, floods are not covered by the standard policy. Some insurers may not cover earthquakes. Other types of disasters may or may not be covered, depending on the policy that you purchased. A standard policy will usually only offer limited coverage for disasters that are caused by nature, so it is important to recognize the situations that are covered before you face a serious situation.

Obtaining Additional Coverage

Since some situations may not be covered in your policy, it is usually a smart idea to obtain additional protection under your current plan. Some insurers will allow you to add to a particular policy or you can purchase a separate policy to address your specific concerns.

Identify the situations that your insurer covers in the current policy and then purchase additional protection based on the situations that are not covered. For example, you may need to purchase flood and earthquake protection, but you may already be covered against wind damage or tornados.

Ultimately, the type of disaster that occurs may determine if you are covered or not. Some insurers may not offer protection against natural disasters, so you might need to purchase additional protection for your house. Contact us to speak to an independent agent for more information about protecting your assets.