Why Your Insurance Company Matters?

Many people find an insurance company when they purchase a vehicle or a home, select a policy, and pay premiums for years without analyzing their coverage or comparing similar policies from other insurance companies. Although you may feel comfortable keeping your insurance with the same Texas insurer for a decade or more, you could be doing yourself a disservice.


Your insurer’s reputation is very important, as it gives you an idea of how your insurance company may react in the event of a claim. When you get into a car accident or experience a catastrophic event that causes property loss, the last thing you want is a hassle from the insurance company. Instead, it is important to periodically review your insurer’s reputation with other customers, the Texas Department of Insurance and the Better Business Bureau. Find out how quickly claims are handled, and whether or not your insurer has a history of dropping customers who make more than one claim.


Cost is a major factor in choosing an insurer. Premiums can change over the years, as can the amount of coverage you need. Life events, such as credit history, claims history, driving records and the addition of young drivers can all affect a premium. The insurer that provided you with the lowest premium when you started driving or purchased your home may not be the most affordable option now. It is important to shop around and compare the rates of insurers periodically. It could save you hundreds of dollars in premiums each year.