Am I Liable for an Uninvited Guest on My Property?

In the State of Texas, you are liable for injuries other people sustain while on your property. In the past, that generally applied to individuals you invited over as guests of your home. However, there are many occasions in which individuals may come to your home for reasons other than visiting with you as a guest. For example, if you hold a garage sale, you will have a bevy of people visit your home in a matter of a few hours. Other examples include visits from door-to-door salesmen, trick-or-treaters and even trespassers.

Fortunately, Texas homeowner’s insurance policies cover unintentional injuries of others sustained on your property. For example, if your neighbor’s daughter trips over a garden hose in your yard and breaks her arm, your homeowner’s insurance will cover medical expenses related to the injury up to a specified limit in your policy.

If you believe that your Texas homeowner’s insurance policy does not provide enough liability and injury protection to protect you from potential lawsuits, you may want to shop around for a different homeowner’s insurance policy or invest in an umbrella policy. Umbrella coverage is purchased in additional increments of $1 million, which pays once your primary homeowner’s insurance thresholds are met. The umbrella policy can stretch to provide benefits not only for liability damages, but also for costs incurred to your property and its contents due to a qualifying event.