Is Texas Marketplace Dental Insurance the Right Fit?

Each state has a marketplace for insurance, and Texas is no exception. The Texas dental marketplace is often the place to start for those who don’t have employer-provided dental or might need a supplemental policy. Unfortunately, we don’t need the mainstream media to tell us just how confusing some of these marketplace plans might be, which is why the Select Insurance Agency has some guidance on the Texas dental marketplace for those in Coppell, TX, and the surrounding area.

Dental Plans with or without Health Coverage

Dental plans are sold both with and without health coverage. Purchasing a plan that includes health coverage may help you to get a bundle discount, but it could also result in unneeded coverage. If you get a combined policy, you will have a single monthly payment, whereas if you get a separate dental plan, you will have more than one payment.

Dental Plans with High or Low Coverage

Texas marketplace plans have two primary types – high and low coverage options. High coverage plans are more likely to cover expensive dental work such as crowns or bridges and have a lower copay. These plans will also have a higher monthly premium. Low-coverage plans are easier on the budget and work well for those most concerned about regular cleanings and minimal repairs.

Pediatric Dental Coverage

Pediatric dental coverage for those under 18 is often very affordable. The law requires that you are offered pediatric dental coverage, but you do not have to accept any of these policies. 

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