What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Do?

Unlike most states, Texas law does not require Coppell, TX business owners to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. However, when an employer chooses to purchase this indemnification, it limits the categories and amount of compensation that an employee may receive. These regulations are outlined in the legal code. 

Entrepreneurs who do not purchase coverage are referred to as nonsubscribers. They can be targeted by lawsuits for which they will be sought to pay damages and attorneys’ fees with practically no limit. You are also not able to use certain common defenses in a court of law, such as assumption of risk, co-worker negligence, or contributory negligence. 

 Your knowledgeable representative from The Select Insurance Agency can fully inform you of all the specifics of workers’ compensation insurance. Employers are required to post a notice that each worker has five days to elect whether to accept the provisions of their worker’s compensation or to retain their legal right to sue. 

If an employee waives their inclusion in this coverage, they will not automatically receive payment for their medical expenses or lost wages. An employee would be covered under your policy if they sustained the injury during the course of providing services or performance to the furthering of your business. This also includes traveling. This is voided by horseplay, intoxication by drugs or alcohol, criminal actions, or off-duty activity. 

We Can Provide Insurance Products and Services

The Select Insurance Agency can meet our clients’ indemnification needs in the areas of worker’s compensation, and we serve those who operate in the area of Coppell, TX. We invite you to contact us for more information about how we can assist you.