How Much RV Insurance Should I Have When It Is in Storage?

Located 24 minutes northwest of Dallas, our agents at The Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX stand ready to help you insure one of your most essential possessions: your RV. Founder Todd McShann takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. D Magazine named Todd a Best 100 agent five times. Depending on where you travel throughout the year, your RV insurance needs to cover you for monsoon damage, hail, burst water lines, UV rays, and physical or chemical damage to the trailer hitch, suspension, or underbelly.

How Does RV Class Affect Insurance?

Class A motor homes run between 21 and 45 feet long. They have the same chassis as a commercial bus, truck, or motor vehicle. Class C motor homes, on the other hand, feature van noses with a sleeping area above the cab, while Class B motor homes resemble a long custom van, about 16 to 22 feet long. Since Class B motor homes cost more to build, they also cost more to repair and usually require higher premiums and deductibles than a regular van if you want replacement value.

Types of Damage by Class

Class A motor homes have the highest chance of severe damage in storms or other natural disasters if stored outside. However, their large size and greater height limit indoor storage options, making them even more likely to suffer damage. Class C homes sit closer to the ground, risking underbelly and suspension damage. Class B motor homes have stronger roofs, sustaining less damage if stored outdoors.

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