What policy types best suit a storefront business?

You might think that your storefront business only needs a liability policy to protect you from trip and fall accidents, but in reality, that consists of only one part of a business owner’s policy. You still need the property insurance and perils insurance to have all the coverages of a business owners’ policy.

Of course, when you run a storefront business, you have many insurance needs beyond that. This includes items like glass insurance, business interruption insurance, boiler policies, etc. ideal for a storefront. Just as restaurants have specific insurance needs, so does a retail or service storefront business, and Coppell, TX’s The Select Insurance Agency wants you to understand your options.

Your glass windows that form the walls of your store facing the public courtyard or parking lot require their own policy. If broken, the cleanup and replacement of this glass isn’t covered by your property insurance. The glass policy covers the cleanup, the glass plates, and the glazer who installs the new windows. 

Business interruption insurance reimburses you for time lost when a named peril or equipment breakdown causes you to shut down your business temporarily. While the property insurance covers the damages to the structure, this pays for the income you lose having to close the business due to the damage and so it can get repaired.

Boiler policies cover your boiler and other major equipment. If the boiler or HVAC equipment breaks down, this pays for the repairs.

The only way to determine which policies your business really needs is to meet with an insurance agent at The Select Insurance Agency. We serve Coppell, TX with the commercial insurance policies it needs.